Mobile Network Operators (MNO)

A mobile network operator (MNO) is a wireless service provider that provides wireless voice and data communication for its subscribed mobile users.

The MNO business model is changing as customers demand for more data and video services and instant access to their specialized cloud applications. The old model of static long service contract is thing of the past.

The key challenge most service providers face today is to how to reduce their network Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) to keep up with their competitive business environment.

Conexus works with MNOs to provide the most cost-effective network deployment by using a well-trained staff, state of art tools, and project management.

Our goal is to provide MNOs with the lowest price in the least amount of time required – without compromise to quality or consistency of service.

Wireless Network
Infrastructure Vendors

Photo of large building that houses a Wireless Network Infastructure

The Wireless network infrastructure vendors provide the network elements that are needed to build a mobile network. This network includes Radio Access Networks (RAN) and core elements. The wireless network infrastructure vendor market is currently in a phase of transition, as mobile operators seek to address increasing mobile traffic demands and in the same time must lower down their CAPEX spending. This is bringing new challenges to infrastructure vendors.

Conexus works with wireless infrastructure vendors from the beginning by program managing their network deployment from conception to its completion. This includes site survey and preparation, network design and planning, reduce the equipment inventory time, train the staff on the equipment prior to deployment, and rely on our state of art platforms as enabling tools to execute.


Most enterprises are providing end-to-end mobile solutions and services for their employees to streamline business processes, enable mobile access to corporate resources, and provide remote works with mobile access.

Enterprise mobility network consists of combination of many wireless technologies such as DAS, Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS, CDMA, 4G/LTE, and Clouds RAN (C-RAN). Depending on the deployment scenario ConeXus system integration team designs a customized mobility solution that is easy-to-use, secure and meets the enterprise requirements.

A few of the enterprise sectors Conexus supports with marketing and data technology include Automotive, Retail, Financial Service, Transportation, Health Care and Travel/Hospitality.


Government organizations must have reliable wireless networks to better meet and serve the needs of their citizen's public services. Applications such as public safety, health services, social security, defense, transportation, emergency service etc., should be available at anytime and anywhere for the communities they serve and support.

Conexus provides system integration and technical assistance services to government agencies to deliver efficient wireless public services at the most desirable price point available.

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