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Conexus is a leader in wireless network solution installation, commissioning & support. We work with wireless carriers & vendors to design, build, & deploy networks to deliver optimal wireless services to their subscribers. We cover a range of deployments & magnitude, from greenfield site to the largest indoor environment, corporate facilities, travel & hospitality, stadiums, outdoor arenas, & more.

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Site Acquisition and Development

Conexus has extensive experience and skills in the areas of leasing, zoning & permitting requirements. We perform site acquisition services across the U.S. by working with zoning officials, tower management companies, building owners & neighborhood associations management to acquire all approvals necessary to locate a telecom facility or antenna apparatus on or at a location. This allows us to take the burden, time & effort from back-office & logistic operational requirement off the hands of our customers.

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Best in breed Architecture & Engineering

Conexus manages architecture & engineering services across the U.S for telecommunication projects. We have completed projects from small office to a large outdoor venue in the most challenging environments. Our engineering & design team provides complete project roadmap including structural civil & engineering designs, defining critical paths to avoid delays, cost analysis, to reduce risks – & complete the project on time and within budget.

Installation and Commissioning

Expert Installation & Commissioning

We have expert-certified technicians with deep knowledge of wireless networks system & IP technologies to provide our customers with seamless integration, optimal performance, & strong connectivity between network elements. As part of our process, all the networks elements are tested & with the NOC on point, prior to & after installation, integration, & commissioning services are performed.

Our primary objective is to provide the highest quality network, according to project timing requirements & always at the lowest price point available.

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Proficient Program Management

The Conexus deployment team uses the latest project management technologies and tools for advanced planning & scheduling, to ensure on-time delivery – without exceptions. Detailed reports are available through a set of customized dashboards, for a real-time project management status. An array of online tools allows us to share workflow information, including procedures, logistics, permits, procurement, quality assurance & subcontractor information among the team members for on-time delivery of a project.

Installation and Commissioning

Superb Technical Support Services

We provide technical support services to resolve hardware, software & configuration problems on both radio & core network equipment. Our support services provide answers to network & product-related issues, troubleshooting & remote diagnostic assistance. We use proven processes & best practices to deliver timely support for issues ranging from simple network issues to outage resolution/restorative support. Our experienced technical engineering Staff come with a deep knowledge of Wi-Fi, GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE and background from major wireless vendors.

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